Mwalimu's Dream

Deb Bowen - Student Exchange and A BOOK by ME



Picture: Eva Schloss (step-daughter to Otto Frank) with Deb Bowen


Deb Bowen has been working with exchange students since 1999 when she and her husband hosted two girls for the summer.  Today they have hosted eleven students from various countries all around the world.  She has worked with a number of non-profit organizations and today specializes in students who come to the USA on scholarships.  This is how she met Mwalimu and heard his story.

It was then she told him about a book project called A BOOK by ME.  This is a writing project she started nine years ago where true stories are written and illustrated by children for children.  It started with a Holocaust series but has expanded to a Human Rights series and also, a Heroes series.

Today Mwalimu's Dream by Mwalimu Kaingu is one of the books in the Human Rights Series. 

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A BOOK by ME Creator Deb Bowen also works with exchange students (specializes in students coming to the USA on scholarship from the Middle East, Africa and former Soviet Countries).  She is Mwalimu's local coordinator and is another key player in helping to raise the funds needed to dig a well for his village in Kenya.

Anyone interested in becoming a young author for the writing project or hosting an exchange student in the future, may contact Deb for more information.



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