Mwalimu's Dream

Change for Africa

After reading about a school in Branson Missouri raising over $5000 for a water well in Africa, Mwalimu and Deb Bowen decided to ask other exchange students to help raise the money needed for this well project. 

These students who signed on to help may simply collect change for one month using a can with the words "CHANGE FOR AFRICA".

Collections may be done at school, a community event, outside a local store or a place of worship.  (NOTE: All efforts must be approved through the person in charge prior to fund raising).


Arina from Russia and Anna from Germany

Both girls go to school with Mwalimu at Davenport West High School and are part of the fund raising effort.  Arina is the artist in the book entitled Mwalimu's Dream (author is Mwalimu himself).



Anastazia from Serbia and Gizem from Turkey

These girls attend school at Davenport Central High School and are eager to be part of the fundraising work for Mwalimu's Dream.




Karla from Ecuador

This student from South America attends school at Davenport North High School and is part of the force behind Mwalimu's Dream.



Ines from Tunesia and Cheryl from Malaysia


Ines is a scholarship recipient who is willing to use her time and talents to help raise funds for this effort.  Cheryl is a second semester student who arrived in January 2012.  Both girls attend United Township High School in East Moline, Illinois. 


                                                                                  Profile Picture Cheryl

Lealda from Mozambique

A scholarship recipient who attends Rock Island High School in Illinois, Lealda is most willing to help make Mwalimu's dream come true.



Wali from Pakistan and Simona from Lithuania

Both scholarship students attend Mercer County High School in Aledo, Illinois and are ready to help generate posative change for Africa.  Simona even requested her birthday gifts be given as cash gifts to Mwalimu's Dream instead of gifts from her American friends and family.